Wednesday 17 July 2013

Last of the fibreglass work!

I have been finishing of all the structural bits, seat risers with plywood inserts & bonded in fasteners to bolt the thwarts to, bilge stringers to mount the stretchers on & floors to stiffen the hull bottom.

 This shot shows the seat riser core built from foam & the first floor fitted.

The rectangluar cut outs in the core next to the keel are for two Elvstrom self bailers.

Fore deck & afterdeck fitted & bonded on.
This forms two large wateright buoyancy tanks.
All risers & stringers now bonded in with csm & biaxial cloth.
Vinlyester resin used thoughout. 

To the left of the boat you can see a large pile of timber. This was liberated last week from a friends barn where it had lain for the last 30 years.
Offered as mahogany it was not clear quite what it was as it was rather filthy but it turned out to be a mixture of brazilian mahogany, Utile, Iroko & Dark red meranti.
Mostly in wide 11ft & 16ft boards 2" plus thick it was a good result!
On the floor to the right of the boat are the gunwales.
And if anyone wants to know what the bucket is doing in the middle of the picture, its to hold the chains from the lifting tackle & stop me banging my head!

Thwarts are also all machined up & ready to go in, first set i machined i junked as the timber had a nasty streak of sapwood. Second set came up very well.
More progress!