Thursday 5 September 2013

More sanding & painting!

Well im nearly there, days & days of fairing & sanding, three coats of hi build primer & most of it sanded away again!

This was the second coat of Hempels light primer undercoat, it is good stuff & sands really well.
As you can see a lot of it is on the floor.
I looked like an extra from Braveheart!

Tools used Rupes long bed orbital sander
Sealey Random orbital sander.
Various hand sanders.

The last coat was final sanded down by hand using a foam sanding block & 240 grit paper. At this point i wished i had made her a little shorter!

And this is the result.
First coat of two pack polyurethane (Hempels polygloss).
Rolled on & tipped of with a brush.
A poor mans spray job!

This is why its taken a while longer than it should.

If i ever get to the stage of a production mould the finish will have to be better than this, probably to the tune of another 2 weeks work.

But for now She will do!