Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fairing the molds

Good progress the last few days, all the molds have been rough beveled with drawknife & spokeshave & its down to final cleanup & fitting of stringers ready for the build. Quite a bit of inside out thinking to do as the jig is stepped at the sheer & keel so that the sandwich goes to single skin in those areas.

I scarfed a few stringer battens the hard way & thinking of the time it was going to take to do the rest went home & made a scarfing jig to run on the table saw. Should save hours of work.
Stem mold & transom mold are now fitted. In the above photo two fairing battens are in place to check the bevels on the molds. 20mm square Stringer battens will be fitted at 70mm spacing.

I have been using some rather ancient tools, a recently acquired paring chisel about 80 years old plus some other gems.
Will post some pics of them shortly.
Foam core arrives on monday.

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