Monday, 29 April 2013

Seax Gig setting up.

I have spent the last week reinforcing the molds, a good supply of well seasoned pine boards came out of a friends barn and they were just the job.
I could have increased the station spacing & saved myself some work but i do not want to run the risk of the hull going flat between the molds so it was time well spent.
The building jig is being set up for building initally in foam sandwich but with very little modification could be used for a cedar strip wooden hull.

Tomorrow I will be doing final adjustments to the molds & then fasten them to the strongback. Then its bevel & fair the molds & start putting the stringers on.
The lofting floor is still in use for working out positions of thwarts & structural inserts into the foam core. Thing with foam cores is you cannot bolt through it but must link the inner & outer skins with solid or high density inserts where you are going to put any fastenings. At the sheer & keel the core stops & the hull tapers or steps down to single skin.
The workshop reached 20 degrees C today which is ideal temperature for GRP work.
Just as well, you can just see two of the workshop heaters in the roof there are 6 x 3Kw, 18Kw in all, fire them all up & the electric meter sounds like the Starship Enterprise winding up to Warp 9. Needless to say i dont intend to use them often if i can help it!

Had a visit from the Police this morning, a house was burgled nearby & one of the perps was chased across the railway line behind the workshop. The Police had a very large black Alsatian with them & he was obviously raring to go.
Glad he wasnt chasing me!

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