Monday, 8 April 2013

Starting a new Gig

A new project starts! East Coast Rowing association have taken on this redundant Scout hut & i am building a prototype Gig, basic idea is a genuinely afordable GRP gig that is suitable for clubs & teams.
She is one of a series of designs i have been working on for several years.
Designed using Delftship pro Software.
The building jig or strongback is all but finished and you can see on the floor the white painted panels that she is lofted on.

A new use for the old Scouthut!
Some say that using modern design software that lofting becomes redundant. However in my case i decided that the risk in not doing it was too high!

The problem with software like this is it is extremely powerful & the time required to train & practice to utilise it to its full potential is often not available if you are trying to make a living!
There were some inaccuracies but on the whole the lofting was a pleasure & she was not too far out!

The beauty of the process is that hull displacement & hydrostatics data can be calculated instantly along with resistance calcs.

Timber for the molds arrives later this week & then its time to start setting up.

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