Monday, 22 April 2013

Seax Gig building as we go.

Well here we go! Piles of timber has been amassed from here & there, some purchased, some bartered for.
A good cutting table & rack for rolls of glass has been built and its also been handy to transfer the moldshapes from the master body plan from the lofting floor.

Excuse this being on its side! but the picture quality goes wonky if rotated.
Shows the master body plan having a pattern lifted using polyester drafting film.

Molds being set up temporarily, they still have to be beefed up so they can carry the stringers of the building jig.

Molds sat in place, Starting to look like a boat.
Tomorrows job is to start beefing the mdf molds up with pine boards along their edges.
Anyone who has ever tried to screw into the edge of Mdf will know why!

She is looking long & lean & pretty fair so far.

I do like this bit!

Foam ordered last week & on its way from Switzerland.
Going to be an interesting build!

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