Friday, 5 April 2013

Another blast from the past

Back in 1984 Voodoo Child was built by myself Richard Smith, John Dickens, George palmer with help from various others.
Voodoo Child in the Southend raft race.
 He was a 36ft flying Proa (proas are normally male)and was built from 3 ex USAF grp drop tanks cut & shut together. An outrigger or Ama was mounted 16ft out on the windward side & the rig was borrowed from an admiralty whaler. all up weight was in the region of 850lds.
With over 220 sq ft of sail Voodoo child was a beast to sail and was the only entry ever to arrive at the Southend raft race and go home by sea.
Over 7 years over £3000 was raised by the crew for the RNLI.

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