Friday, 28 June 2013

Inner skin

Busy day yesterday, first job was to fit wooden inserts at the rowlock positions so i can fasten braces fron the gunwale down to the hull. Then it was final beveling of the core edge clean up & lay up the in

You can see the two inserts at the top of the hull, they are overlaid with unidirectional roving. Also a strip seen going in at thwart position.

Inner skin all laid up. Strips of unidirectional reinforcement staggered down the hull.

This shot also shows the temporary gunwale batten screwed on to hold the sheer fair while the glass goes off, i trimmed the glass of while still green, saves grinding nasty glass!

Next job is seat risers, bilge stringers & floors.

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  1. Hi Keith found your blog via "rowing for pleasure" and have serious boat and shed envy now !

    Regards Danny