Thursday, 13 June 2013

Laying the Keel

Well laying up the keel! I got all the foam core on in two days, it went very well & lays very fair.

Brown taped areas are where the hull goes single skin along the centreline & sheer.
Core is an Airex T92 PET based foam.
It was chosen due to its heat distortion point being far higher than PVC, as its likely a production mould may be taken from her a core that was stable under high temperatures was essential.

View from up the ladder, keel & bow glassed up, next job is to prime the foam & start laying glass.
Im using Atlac 580 Vinylester resin.
Hull layup is based on Australian surf lifesaving association specs Though its unlikely she will ever have to do what those surf boats do!
I have a target weight for the hull shell & to keep to it will need some careful laminating!

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