Saturday 23 September 2017

Swamp testing the Gig

Well a few years have gone by since we launched Rozinante, I have been a bit out of the frame with injury & new job but there you go!
Today Penny had arranged to conduct a swamping test after a training session. The Gig is already very well proven with a fair nuber of race wins but we had never gotten round to actually seeing how she would perform in a capsize situation.
I had designed Rozinante with buoyancy tanks up to deck level at bow & stern plus her foam cored hull provides buoyancy itself.
In this safety concious age it should be regarded as essential for boats like this to be able to look after their crew if the worst happens, a capsize is not unusual in fine boats but in Gigs often used on the sea the consequences could be more serious.
It took three people sitting on the gunwale to put the side underwater & she gently flooded sliding under sideways, once half full she was inverted & floated upside down quite high. One crew reached up & grabbed the keel, he found it easy to roll her upright & she rolled upright quickly & easily. She floated with water inside just over the thwarts & approx 120mm freeboard midships this with two crew aboard. They were able to bail her out in ten minutes. Well done to Penny, Louise & Adrian for being the crash test dummies.
A great success !

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